Hitel SIP Trunk

Hitel SIP trunk will provide services as an ITSP to usehitel Sip trunk SIP for setting up communications between an enterprise PBX and ITSP. Our trunk includes multiple voice sessions – as many as the enterprise needs. While some see SIP as just voice, SIP to set up communications between an enterprise PBX and the ITSP. The potential for a rapid return on investment is a key driver of SIP trunk deployments which can be achieved when you extend VoIP outside of the corporate LAN. In terms of infrastructure purchases, SIP trunk provides an immediate cost savings. They eliminate the need to purchase costly E1, T1 PRIs. BRIs or PSTN gateways.

Benefits of SIP trunk

SIP Trunking benefits

  • Eliminates costly BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) and PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces) subscriptions
  • No need to invest in PSTN gateways and additional line cards as you grow
  • Edge devices offer low investment path in adding new lines as they are typically cheaper per line than the corresponding PSTN gateway
  • Optimal utilization of bandwidth by delivering both data and voice in the same connection
  • Maximum flexibility in dimensioning and usage of lines as you avoid having to buy capacity in chunks of 23 (T1) or 30 (E1) lines
  • Flexible termination of calls to preferred providers; calls to anywhere worldwide can be made for the cost of a local one
  • Redundancy with multiple service providers and links
  • As with any new services, each business should consider carefully with us whether now’s the right time to take up new technology; Hitel SIP is the right solution.

SIP Trunk Features

Some of the highlighted features of SIP Trunk

  • SIP Trunk is switched
  • Switched Access
  • Proxy at CPE
  • Multiple ENUM Termination
  • Bandwidth QoS Management
  • Cause Code Management
  • FireWall Traversal
  • Security
  • Geographical Location Independence
  • Cost Efficieny
  • Securee IP connection


Why Cloud System

Conventional phone systems are based on complex equipment which it not flexible to comply with the every days emerging technologies and are also cost oriented. They have limitations to administrate your users, phone lines and call management etc. Our cloud based Hosted System allows you freedom of unlimited customization and features.  You can centralize you all branch offices and locations by taking your Phone PBX offsite. Hitel Cloud Hosted PBX is a single point of control for your entire telecommunication infrastructure.HitelCloud Cost alanlysys

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