Inbound Numbers

We offer a range of UK local, national or international inbound number. Companies and businesses of different size and nature can create a global presence by using our NGN (Non Geographic Numbers). We offer various services which helps your business to increase there revenue and cut down overheads and save the precious time of there highly paid staff members.


We have a wide range of numbers to choose from:

UK Numbers

  • 01/02 for a Local Presence
  • 03 for non Geographic PresenceInbound Services
  • 0800 for Freephone Numbers
  • 0808 for Freephone Numbers
  • 0844 for Revenue Generation
  • 0845 for Local Rate Numbers
  • 0870 for National Rate Numbers
  • 0871 for Revenue Generation
  • 09 for Premium Rate Numbers

International Numbers

We also offer a worldwide range of international numbers, with bespoke solutions for your business requirements including Toll free and geographic numbers.


Hitel Conference call

Conference Calls

We offer a fully featured high quality audio/video conferencing service which is easy to use and user friendly. Our conferencing platform allows you inbound numbers to offer your participants to dial and join into the conference or you can dial out and transfer the called party into the conference room. You can offer both local and international participants to join the conference.
You can ask for bespoke solutions if needed.


Calling Cards

Hitel offers a fully managed platform and solution to run Calling Cards business. You can generate unlimited PIN numbers and print physical cards or sell it virtually to your customers.


Smart Phone Application

You can you get benefits of our low rate calls service on smart phones with a range of application on Android, I-phone, Nokia and Blackberry mobile applications for use on our calling services.



Hitel SIP Trunks allow you to replace your existing analogue, digital, ISDN2, ISDN30, E1.s T1,s etc. which helps you to save a significant money on your regular phone bills.



Hitel inbound fax service allows you to get rid of costly fax devices and secure your business privacy by delivering all incoming faxes direct to your email box which no one can see without your permission.
We can offer you fax numbers from a range of local, non geographic or premium numbers and all faxes will be delivered to your preferred email addresses.


Tailored solutions

Contact Hitel sales team for a bespoke voice, text and data solutions for your business needs. Our expertise and offerings include, but are not limited to, interactive queuing systems, text for e-brochure via email, classified adverts via SMS, mobile marketing, SMS and Voice voting and API solutions for billing.