didnum-headerCloud Office Enterprise

is a corporate phone system that is flexible according to the needs of your growing company. It can easily route calls across multiple geographical locations, and performs consistently. You don’t need to spend lot of time to manage your system, and also you will get rid of expensive equipment and maintenance. Your customers support and service experience.

    sip trunk1
    Free Sip Trunk: Significant cost-savings for enterprises, eliminating the need for local PSTN and costly ISDN lines.
    Sip Chennals
    SIP channels (VoIP lines): 26 lines are included with Enterprise package. You can order more if needed.


    Users limit: You can connect unlimited users local or remote anywhere in the world.
    Intercom: A paging extension can be created that will send intercom calls over a speaker system.


    Caller id display
    Caller ID display: Select whether or not to display your phone number at destination when making out bound calls.
    music on hold 1
    Massage on hold: You can set either music or a company announcement while caller in on hold.


    Call filtering
    Call filtering: You can filter or block out unwanted calls from certain number or users.
    Paging: Connect directly to a built-in one-way announcement speaker on one or more phones.


    calls monitoring
    Calls monitor: Monitor all activities on your phone system from anywhere via web interface.
    Predictive dialling: You can use automatic telephone dialing system to dial from a list of numbers


    click to dial
    Click to dial: Open the address book and click a number. It will dial your extension and then ring other party.
    remote locations
    Remote locations: You can seamlessly communicate between your remote branch offices anywhere in the world.


    conference call
    Conference Center: It used to setup conference rooms with a name, description, optional pin number, and more
    remote office support
    Remote Support: We look after your entire system remotely and keep it up to date with the emerging technologies.


    Contact book
    Contacts Manager: Import contacts from Apple Address Book, Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook
    time conditions1
    Time Conditions: Calls can be routed at different pattern at different time according to your work schedules.


    ring tones
    Custom ring tones: Customisable ringing tone music or a message to play before your customers.
    virtual receiption
    Virtual receptionist: Auto attend a call and let callers select menu options using their telephone keypad.


    fax server
    Fax Server: No need for a fax device. You can receive or send Fax messages online through web panel.
    voice mail to email
    Voice mail to email: Voice mails are delivered to your email box with audio file attachment.


    follow me
    Follow me options: Ring each of your phones on desk, mobile or any external number until you pick one.
    web based control pannel
    Web based cpanel: Manage and control your calls via web based control panel from anywhere.


    host desk1
    Hot Desking: Point your extension to any phone line around you. This is used in places like temporary offices.
    working hours
    Working hours setting: Manage your opening, closing hours, working day of the week and holidays etc.


    Hitel Cloude Hosted IP PBX Enterprise package supports hundreds of IP PBX extensions at your multiple branch offices across the world. We offer unlimited access to use all options on our Cloud Hosted PBX System. Cloud Hosted PBX Enterprise package is the perfect business system for all size of businesses and corporations. Cloud Hosted Enterprise comes loaded with excellent features like auto attendant, call forwarding, automatic call distribution, and much more

    Cut your business overheads and Save moneyhosted pbx save money

    Cost effective as compared to legacy systems.
    • Cut your phone bill by using our low cost call rates.
    • Make free calls to your branch offices across the world.
    • No costly hardware and maintenance required.
    • Get rid of expensive PSTN or ISDN phone lines.

    Productive business phone systemproductivity

    A new trend to your business communications.
    • Route each incoming calls to the relevant desk.
    • Instant message chats and audio video conference calls.
    • Global conference rooms with multiple options e.g. allow, mute, block, kick etc.
    • Phonebook, click to call, voicemails to email, access via web or on telephone set etc.

    Flexible business phone system flexibility

    It responds according to your needs.
    • Access your office phone extensions from anywhere.
    • Allow staff to work from home or on the move.
    • Access and configure from anywhere using  web access.
    • Add phone numbers, lines or extensions as required.

    Offer a better customer servicecustomers support

    Improve your customers satisfaction levels.
    • Avoid customers frustration because of engaged lines.
    • Enable callers to reach their required department easily.
    • Monitor and record calls for training purposes.
    • Local presence anywhere with VoIP numbers.

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