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The Hitel Cloud Office Phone solution is more than a phone system. It’s a reliable, scalable and secure enterprise-class platform for your business communications without the expensive PBX hardware.

    The main aim of CLOUD Telephony is to increase productivity and flexibility whilst reducing costs, which makes the technology perfect for business environments. Hitel has specialised in VoIP and Cloude Telephony systems, delivering businesses with unified communications solutions.



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    Conventional phone systems are based on complex equipment which it not flexible to comply with the every days emerging technologies and are also cost oriented. They have limitations to administrate your users, phone lines and call management etc. Our cloud based Hosted System allows you freedom of unlimited customization and features. You can centralize you all branch offices and locations by taking your Phone PBX offsite. Hitel Cloud Hosted PBX is a single point of control for your entire telecommunication infrastructure.Hitel Cloud office medium

    If you wish to benefit from hosted or Cloud services our team of experts can work with you to build bespoke, business critical solutions that transform your entire organisation and ensure you’re ahead of the competition with vital next generation services.

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