hitel virtual office

Virtual office

Receive important business calls no matter where you are – at your desk, at home, or on your cell phone. Our Virtual PBX phone system delivers optimal performance and puts your business at the top. Our Virtual Office service comes loaded with features like auto attendant, online help and advice, follow me, call forwarding and much more.


A Virtual Office local phone number can forward calls to your main location, across the country or anywhere in the word. Hitel Virtual office Your customers may prefer dealing with a company in their vicinity. With the support of our local phone numbers, you can work from anywhere and still have a virtual presence at another geographic location anywhere in the word. For example: “Thank you for calling Company ABC, we provide such and such services, for department A press 1, for department B press 2 and so on. please hold while your call is transferred…” Our Cloud Hosted IP PBX system allows you to have a business presence anywhere you want.


Hitel Virtual Office allows your customers to dial your dedicated business number and the call is seamlessly forwarded to you no matter where you arevirtual-office and if you are not in a position to take the call system will let your caller know that your are busy at the moment and cant take the call and offer to leave a voice message or wait for ring back. Messages left will be safely delivered to your email box and you can retrieve your messages from anywhere via phone, Hitel web interface or your mail box. With Hitel Virtual Office you get superior service on Cloud Hosted PBX System.


The Hitel Virtual Office includes a new local or toll free number which will stay with you for life time of your contract. We can help you hand pick your new number, and have your new service up and running within an hour. Get all the local and toll free numbers you need on our Virtual Office System